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What Is A Virtual Receptionist And How Can They Help Your Business ?


A virtual receptionist is an phrase used in the business sense that refers to an individual who answers phones or performs the duties of an on-site receptionist, but is not actually located at the primary business’s location. Customer service representatives, answering service agents, and even appointment schedulers could all be classified as a virtual receptionist if they are working off-site or at a remote location. In the majority of cases, the receptionist is working from a home office.

A virtual receptionist typically works for a company as an independent contractor rather than an employee. There are exceptions and some companies do hire remote workers on an employee basis. There are pros and cons to each situation, so those seeking employment as a virtual receptionist or remote worker should consider each carefully. Typically the arrangement is made between worker and company as a mutually beneficial situation. The worker has the flexibility to work from home, while the employer saves money on computer hardware, electricity, and other operating costs.

Setting up a business can be costly and time consuming. High overhead costs such as salaries, office space, utilities and costly commutes can quickly erode profits. The question is, how do you retain the high level of customer service, without the high overhead costs? Easy! Have your very own Virtual Receptionist!

What is Virtual Receptionist? A virtual receptionist is a real person answering your calls, without having to be in a physical office. Virtual receptionists are able to transfer calls, pass on messages by email, text or fax, they can even answer general queries about your business and services. This allows you to give your clients the impression of a physical address, without the limitations of having to staff and maintain an office space.

Who Uses Virtual Receptionists? Everyone! From international companies to freelancers – virtual receptionists can ensure a consistent high standard of service, ensure no calls are missed and can minimise your client’s contact with the dreaded automated message!

Starting out your business is an exciting time. Save time and money and get a virtual receptionist service and give yourself peace of mind, knowing every customer call will be answered promptly and with the utmost professionalism

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