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Land Rover Discovery Sport Hatchback First Drive & Review

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Land Rover Discovery Sport Overview

Land Rover Discovery Sport is been in the Indian Market for a while now , It was launched in 2015 as Land Rover‘s replacement for Freelander . Focused on Utility hence when it was launched there was only a Diesel Option. Down the line with consumers moving more and more to petrol motors, Land Rover decided to introduce 2018 Discovery Sport with a new 2.0-litre Ingenium petrol engine similar to what was introduced earlier in the Velar . Lets try to find out how this new 2.0-Litre Ingenium petrol pair with the Discover Sport which is a rugged and conventional as sports utility vehicles . Check for car loan interest rate.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a perfect amalgamation of British luxury and off-road capabilities. It happens to be Land Rover’s most affordable SUV and is less expensive and more adventurous than its rivals. Also, the 3rd-row seat give it an edge over competition. The 4-cylinder, 2.0-L diesel engine from the Ingenium family offers an increased power output of 237 bhp, though the base model is still equipped with 134 bhp unit. The Land Rover Discovery Sports price in India has been tagged competitively, which makes it a viable option in the segment.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Exteriors

When Land Rover had announced the launch of the Discovery Sport four years ago, expectations were high as everyone expected a car that would look as good as the Evoque but stand for the same versatility that the Freelander/LR2 offered. On the looks front, the car has not disappointed at all.In profile, you get the long hood-high back silhouette and there is a forward leaning stance. Noticeable elements on the face include the two-slat grille and large headlamps which give the car a rather sharp stare in terms of facial expressions. The side gets flared wheel arches while the rear is stacked up and the boxy looks lend the car its SUV stance.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interiors

Inside, Land Rover has updated the baby Disco’s infotainment system with the most upgraded version of the Touch Pro interface. As we found out, the changes have made the UI more user friendly and similar to the Touch Pro Duo system that you get in high-end Range Rover models. The HSE Luxury trim gets a 10-inch touch display which is clear and well positioned. The rest of the line-up, meanwhile, gets an 8-inch display and lesser functions. That aside, the aesthetics are the same as before, meaning you get a predictably durable yet smart looking dash and a commanding driving position.

Switchgear on the steering wheel and the doors feel solid and durable, however, there are some hard plastics in here – the air vent plastics and climate control switches could be better finished. That said, it doesn’t come across as cheap in any way and overall, the cabin is nicely appointed.

The driving position is excellent and the visibility all-around is great, too. Everything about the way you sit behind the wheel on to the supportive seat points to a more luxurious experience than what the Disco actually costs. Moving on to the second row, there is enough room for three adults, with a reach bench that is broad enough. Although it is set a tad bit low, it is superbly contoured and the low seating translates to plenty of headroom. As for the third row, it’s good enough for a couple of kids at best – the combination of a high floor and low seat means you end up sitting in a cramped manner with your knees locked in. Fortunately, all the seats fold down easily and liberate plenty of luggage space though we would like to add that the second row doesn’t fold completely flat.

The Discovery Sport, in HSE Luxury trim at least, is loaded to the boot when it comes to equipment. You get a fixed panoramic roof, heated mirrors with memory, xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, leather seats, electric front seats, a 17-speaker premium audio system, rear camera, front and rear parking sensors, screens for the rear seats, ABS, ESP, traction control and plenty of airbags. For more details on Land Rover Discovery Sport  check Cssn

Land Rover Discovery Sport Transmission

The 1997cc, four-cylinder Ingenium petrol motor truly is a gem, it packs in 237bhp of peak power and 340Nm of maximum torque mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox . From the moment you start moving you will notice a diesel like low-end grunt with torque coming in early . The Discovery Sport petrol can sprint with ease going from 0-100kph in 7.9 seconds . Building up to three digit speeds isn’t an issue but using the power will restrain once in a while , considering its size and weight which make its presence felt. The super-smooth nine-speed ZF transmission is clever and manages to bring out the best from the engine with well-spaced ratios but on the downside it feels hesitant to sudden inputs to the accelerator, especially at city speeds.

The Sport mode holds the revs longer and manages to douse out more power which stays strong until 6,000rpm. Performance, on the whole, is quite usable as it feels comfortable cruising and also ambling at slow speeds in the city. This unit may not be the smoothest-sounding engine but considering its diesel counterpart you will notice the relatively low levels of clatter and vibration inside the cabin .

The suspension is stiff, sharp undulations filter into the cabin. The low-speed ride is a bit firm, but the Disco gains composure as speeds rise. In fact, at high- speeds the handling is safe and predictable rather than sporty. On the flipside, there is a bit of body roll when cornering hard, but it’s not a major concern at any point. Talking about its Off-road ability it comes with Land Rover’s 4×4 system with pre-programmed off-road modes that alters the Disco’s characteristics to suit a particular terrain (mud, sand, grass, gravel) mated to its 200mm ground clearance .Hence there is no dearth of grip under most scenarios – from seriously bad roads to super-smooth and fast corners.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Driving

While the new engine is a great change, we found the ride to be on the stiffer side. It is quite audible even at low speeds and as you go faster over the rutted surfaces, the rear tends to come back quite hard giving a strong reaction. However, this underlying stiffness is useful as the car is quite composed at high speeds out on the highway and adds to the whole touring ability of the car.This being a Land Rover, the 4WD system is quite effective when the going gets tough and dirty. You get various terrain modes (including a snow option) as well as hill descent and hold function as a part of the package.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Safety

The Land Rover Discovery Sport gets disc brakes at both ends. On the safety front, it comes with advanced driver assistance features like- speed limiter, cruise control, lane departure and emergency braking. The Driver Pack comprises traffic sign recognition, driver condition monitor, adaptive speed limiter and blind spot monitor.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Cost in Hyderabad

Land Rover Discovery Sport On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 53,38,306 to 73,10,788 for variants Discovery Sport 2.0l Diesel Pure 5 Seats and Discovery Sport 2.0l Diesel HSE Luxury 5 Seats respectively. Land Rover Discovery Sport is available in 3 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Land Rover Discovery Sport variants price in Hyderabad. Check for Discovery Sport price in Hyderabad ta Tryaldrive.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Final Thought

The 2019 Discovery Sport, all things considered, makes a compelling argument for itself in the mid-size premium SUV space. It’s got a smart look, seats seven (almost), drives really well on the road and is capable off it, as well. Crucially, it’s a quality product that can actually go off road with ease. While it may not have the plushest cabin and low speed ride in its segment, the Discovery Sport is pretty solid otherwise. If you need a city SUV that can double up as a light off-roader, the Disco is a tough proposition to beat.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport, at Rs 53.75 lakh Ex-showroom is the practical Land Rover to buy. It is spacious, has adequate road presence and bears an iconic name. The new Ingenium Petrol motor is like the cherry on top of the cake for the overall 4×4 ruggedness .

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