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How Website Design Is An Important Extension For Your Business.

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Understand this: your website is the face of your business. Its structure, color, design, and even writing (content) impact the way your audience perceives your brand.

That’s why we always stress that your site should reflect your brand style and personality in addition to the general theme of your business. Consider your website an important extension of your business.

Here are some important tips you can follow to make sure your website helps you build brand authority:

Invest in a responsive website:

It goes without saying that your website should look beautiful and organized. Also, your site should have a responsive design with an updated CMS (content management system) – don’t worry; your web developer will know what that means. For more details check SEO Company in Hyderabad.

The key is to have the right mix of design and functionality. An incredibly pretty website that takes over 10 seconds to load is not a sign of a great website – neither is a website that looks so cheap and haphazardly put-together that visitor starts to question your brand credibility.

Is design really that important?

According to research, 48% of online visitors decide the credibility of a business on the basis of its site design, and 94% people reject a site on the sole basis of its design.

Just look at the site design of Arngren.net. It’s a mess.

Let’s just take a moment here.

We can’t decide which is more catastrophic – the design or the layout. How much success do you think they have in catching the attention of their target customers? Everything is so cluttered, you can hardly comprehend what the website is about!

Optimize your website:

We are talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) here. We will go over it in more detail later in this post, but the key point from digital marketing basics you need to understand is SEO helps your business appear in the search engine results.

From your website’s design to the keywords you choose, SEO covers everything. For more details check SEO Services in London.

And in optimizing your website, here are some points to keep in mind:

A. Your website needs to be fast. Research says that 53% of users will hit the back button if they don’t see anything happening on your website after 3 seconds.

B. Your website needs to be secure. With that being said, you have to purchase SSL. Not only because your users know the dangers of interacting with websites without it, but it is also a factor in ranking your website.

C. Your website needs to be mobile friendly. Most users today visit your site using their smartphones so it’s a no-brainer that your mobile website should be fully optimized and functional like the desktop version.

Create an easy-to-navigate website structure:

A website should be structured in a way that the inbound users can explore easily. Every web page should be tagged and labeled so the users can find what they need.

On the most basic level, your website should have pages/sections such as:

A. Home page

B. About the product/services page

C. List of services

D. About us/ Meet the team page

E. Blog

F. Contact information

Monitor your website regularly:

If you think website design is a one-time process, think again. With search engines changing their algorithms frequently and design trends upgrading constantly, you need to keep your website up-to-date in order for it to keep functioning great.To know more details on SEO Services visit Iiitdm

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